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Welcome to Martha Hull's cute + deadly world.

Reaper Kitten

Martha makes cute + deadly art, and writes and illustrates cute + deadly picture books. 


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 Go Big and Go Home

A solo show at Cavendish Gallery in Burlington, VT
Now through the end of August!

A hip little art and high-end craft shop opening at 270 Pine Street in Burlington, VT! Hours: Tues - Sat 10-6.

NOW through October:

Burlington Farmers' Market
Come visit my booth at City Hall Park in Burlington, Vermont - from 8:30 'til 2 every Saturday! I'll be located in front of Drink on St. Paul Street.



I just moved my studio! Come check out the new space at the E1 Studio Collective at 416 Pine Street in Burlington behind Speeder and Earl's Coffee Shop and Arts Riot. Look for the yellow and orange stripes on the doors. It's bright and sunny which oddly helps me do all the creepy funny thinking. If you want to swing by, check in with me at (martha @ and I'll make sure I'm there!