Now at the Burlington Farmers' Market!
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Devil Cat

Welcome to Martha Hull's cute + deadly world.

Martha makes cute + deadly art, and writes and illustrates cute + deadly picture books.


A bunch of new art up on the NEW products page! Check it out!


Now at the Burlington Farmers' Market

Martha will be vending from 8:30-2 Saturdays this summer in lovely Burlington, Vermont, at the Burlington Farmers' Market.

She'll be on-call this first year, so location will change as spots become available (some weeks they may not be an option in the high season). Martha will post on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter each week (@deadlymartha) on Friday if she has a spot for the following day.

(Please note, the Burlington Farmer's Market is the BIG market in City Hall Park with the tents, not the smaller art market next to BCA. So come and get both your cute and deadly art AND your asparagus at the same time! See you there!)