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Make Your Mark on the World - hand-lettered

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Ever feel like, oh, there's a pandemic on and you can't leave the house? And the days bleed into each other and yet just keep passing, and still you're inside?

And everyone tells you you should do Great Works while you're stuck in an eternal Groundhog Day? And you can't think, or do anything?

This art reflects the fun of self-Isolation, Covid-19, quarantine... all sorts of modern joys, in a timeless way. Or... remember just feeling trapped in the good old fashioned way?

This grinning skeleton with red sneakers feels your pain.

ALL ANGST, NO WORDS! For a version of this art with just the painting, look HERE.

skeleton in dungeon

This mixed media artwork was made using ink, and a variety of other sexy, apocalyptic art substances.

    © Martha Hull 2020