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Words or No Words? That is the question.

Posted by Martha Hull on

I've been working on this piece for a while now. I had to put it down for a family trip and market-opening prep, but I'm back to the studio (yaay!) and am trying to figure out if this is done:


I love this painting. I'm trying to figure out if it is better the way it is, or if I should add words like so many of my other pieces.

I'm also not 100% sure of the phrase "You're so Sweet" either. ("Sweet Dreams" is coming soon with a nice clown picture in the near future, so I didn't want to use that. And the creemee is not sleeping.)

Here's the sketch.

You're so sweet hand lettering

I'm leaning towards no words. Even with adding words, I was planning on painting them on this other piece of canvas, and collaging them together in Photoshop. Maybe that should tell me I really like it with no words. 

This is an example of me overthinking things, which I am wont to do. What do you think? With or without words?


  • Right? Thanks for the thoughts.

    Martha on

  • I think with words it’s saying something specific. I think without words it’s leaving the interpretation entirely up to the viewer. I too am torn on which would be better, but I suppose it ultimately depends on what you want the viewer to take away from this piece.

    Joshua Gross on

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